Tax policy can be very complicated, but it impacts us all. Colorado is one of the only states where voters are asked to vote on all income tax changes, meaning Colorado voters should have access to clear, unbiased information about how a measure will affect their families and their state. Proposition GG would bring much needed transparency to our ballot so hardworking Coloradans understand the tax changes being presented and get the full picture!

How it works

Proposition GG requires that for any ballot initiative asking voters to approve a state income tax change,  the question must include a simple table showing what the proposed change will mean for their family’s finances.

Specifically, the table will show the current amount of taxes owed, the amount of taxes owed under the proposed change and the difference between the two across eight income levels. Voters can simply find the income level that most closely matches their own and estimate their tax impact. This data will be compiled by the non-partisan Colorado Legislative Council Office so voters will have access to clear, unbiased information. What’s more, voters can also see how the tax change will impact Coloradans across the income levels, so they understand the broad impact on our state.

You have a right to know! A vote for Proposition GG puts power back into voters’ hands by delivering clear, unbiased information about what they’re voting on. Voters will see the entire picture of how a tax change will affect them, their families, and the state as a whole right on the ballot.

VOTE Yes on GG!

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